2 Tasty Too: L’amour à Paris

Posted: 08/20/2012 in Uncategorized


2 Tasty Too: L’amour à Paris 

Hidden Object/Puzzle Game 

2Tasty game has got a long-awaited sequel! Meet Libby again with new recipes and addicting love adventures. 
2 Tasty too is a new innovation of blended hidden-dash game, with lots of features and interesting mini games, also with a spoonful well done romantic story between Cole and Libby in the most romantic city in the world ! 
Travel all over France and cook up incredible meals in this fantastic Time Management game. Become a gourmet chef and learn real recipes all while enjoying fast-paced fun in 2 Tasty Too: l’Amour a Paris! 

Game Features: 
• Beautiful Graphics. 
• Interesting Gameplay 
• Fantastic minigames. 
• Prepare 50 dishes following real recipes and 5 hidden menus. 
• Well done romantic story. 
• Become a gourmet chef 
• Explore Paris 
• Cook up French cuisine! 

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